How it works

Hocus orchestrates VM-based dev environments on multiple machines.

Deploy Hocus.

Hocus is a web application and a set of agents that run on servers you manage. You keep control of your own data. Setting it up is as easy as docker compose up, but you can also use Kubernetes or any other form of deployment.

Open the web dashboard.

Everyone on your team gets access to a web dashboard that lets them configure and manage their dev environments themselves.

Spin up a workspace.

Create fully functional dev environments in seconds with workspaces - on-demand virtual machines that contain all artifacts from your CI tasks.

Compare Features

Full root access in workspaces
Free plan
Support for Gitlab and Bitbucket
Support for Gitea, Gerrit, and others

"Hocus can boost productivity for teams at scale. With a large codebase, prebuilds have the potential to save each engineer multiple hours every week."

Kajetan Dutka

Senior Software Engineer at Tesla

"Because of its architecture, Hocus can work well in air-gapped environments with high security requirements."

Karolina Zygmunt

Software Engineer at Warsaw Stock Exchange

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