Stop waiting for code to build. Save 4 hours a week.

Spin up ready-to-code, disposable dev environments on your own servers and start coding in seconds.

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Save 4 hours a week per engineer

Onboard new hires in less than one day

Share dev setup across the entire team

Jump between projects instantly

Without Hocus

Choose a project

View readme.txt

Ask how setup works on Slack

Wait for reply

Install dependencies

Checkout branch

Configure IDE

Build code

Run tests

Start coding

With Hocus

Choose a project

Start coding

Let Hocus wait for the build instead.

Hocus continuously builds your project like a CI system so you don't have to wait for dependencies to download and code to compile. Start writing code right away in a fresh development environment.

Make your dev envs just work.

No more "but it works on my machine". With micro VMs and setup as code, everyone's machine is identical. Easily share your development setup with other people.

Tame your monorepo.

Create multiple development environments inside a single repository. Setup Python in one project and Go in another.

Onboard new hires faster.

With dev environments as code, workspace setup is instantaneous. New hires can start writing code on day one.

Jump between projects instantly.

Every workspace is a separate micro VM. And it opens right away, ready-to-code, even when you haven't touched it in 6 months.

Use your own IDE.

Hocus seamlessly integrates with VSCode. Support for more editors coming in the future.

"Hocus can boost productivity for teams at scale. With a large codebase, prebuilds have the potential to save each engineer multiple hours every week."

Kajetan Dutka

Senior Software Engineer at Tesla

"Because of its architecture, Hocus can work well in air-gapped environments with high security requirements."

Karolina Zygmunt

Software Engineer at Warsaw Stock Exchange

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